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Incredibly stubborn cat refuses to leave his supermarket home

So apparently there’s a real-life version of the song “The Cat Came Back” living in London right now. His name is Olly, and he enjoys frequenting his local grocery store despite repeated efforts to keep him out.

Olly was first caught on camera back in November of last year, and ever since then, he’s been a regular visitor of the Brockley Sainsbury’s. However, since he has no money of his own (that we know of) and is thus not an actual customer, the store owners and staff have attempted to remove him several times. But alas, to no avail. No matter how many times they shoo Olly out, he always finds a way back in, much to the delight of local shoppers. A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s told The Telegraph, “He lives in the house next door, and he’s in here every day, all the time.”

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I don’t know about you, but I would not mess with that defiant face. However, according to the Brockley natives, Olly’s quite friendly; he simply refuses to be kept from his local market. Perhaps he finds solace in the dank moisture of the produce section? Or is lulled to sleep by the gentle whirring of the ATM? Regardless of the reason, it’s obviously his happy place, and if the proprietors of this particular Sainsbury’s want any peace, they might as well just let him stay. After all, he probably keeps the rat and mice population in check. They should really look at it as a symbiotic relationship.

At least the rest of the town (and subsequently the city of London) seem to love him. He was even named London’s Animal of the Week by Time Out London! Here he is doing some preliminary browsing:

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Local resident Adam Oliver came forward as Olly’s owner on Twitter. He said, “I’ve told the Sainsbury’s staff to throw him out if too pesky. Olly is always at Sainsbury — I don’t think he can fit any other shops in his schedule.” Either that, or the other shops are simply too far out of his way (aka not next door to his house).

So if you happen to be visiting London soon, why not take a trip to Brockley to visit England’s most famous loitering cat? Based on his track record, he will probably be hanging around the chips and treats aisle, and always enjoys a good scratch from an obliging stranger.

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