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Teenage girl says fast-food staff fat-shamed her

Have you ever been afraid to order food or purchase clothing for fear that the staff will judge you on your size? How would you feel if they did?

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The former is what allegedly happened to a Sussex teenager when she went into her local McDonald’s branch to place an order for the family. The order consisted of six cheeseburgers and four portions of fries, and according to the Mirror, the staff were exceptionally judgmental and began laughing when Corrina placed the order.

“Six cheeseburgers. I’m not joking this time. This fat woman wants six burgers,” one of the staff members reportedly shouted to the kitchen.

The shocking reaction reportedly left the 16-year-old in tears as she desperately tried to reason with the staff and inform them that all the burgers were not just for her.

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“They’re not just for me. They’re for my brother and sisters”, Corrina said, according to her mum, Sabrina Hopkinson.

Not surprisingly Hopkinson (a former McDonald’s worker herself) was disgusted by the alleged actions of the staff and went into the store to confront the manager.

“The manager kept apologising, but she wouldn’t let me speak to the girl who had said it even though I knew she was hiding around the back”, she said, according to Metro.

Hopkinson’s partner was also upset by the incident and reportedly went into the restaurant later that day, resulting in the manager calling the police over alleged threats.

Speaking of this, Hopkinson said, “It was nothing. My partner ended up shaking hands with the policeman”.

Adding, “In this day and age, you wouldn’t expect it. I used to work in McDonald’s when I was young, and I would never have dreamed of speaking to a customer like that. I would’ve been sacked straight away”.

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However, McDonald’s denied that this incident took place, calling the allegations against them “entirely false”.

According to the publication, a spokesperson said, “This allegation is entirely false. We took this claim very seriously, and our investigation shows that this did not take place.

“We have reviewed the restaurant CCTV footage and engaged the local police following the threats made against our employees connected to the incident”.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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