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Etsy store turns your face into a personalised Lego figurine

What child hasn’t dreamt of the day that they will finally see their own face on an action figure, doll or figurine?

Well, that day has finally arrived. Thanks to one Etsy store you can now buy a personalised 3D Lego figurine featuring your own face. It’s definitely not just for the kids, though — adults are loving the personalised Lego heads, too, which retail for around $40 each.

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The Etsy store is called Funky3DFaces and is run by Chris Lightfoot from England.

Based on a couple of photos you send in, Lightfoot then creates a 3D-printed head for your very own personalised Lego miniature. Heck, you could give them away as gifts to you friends if you wanted to, because that’s not weird at all.

As Lightfoot says on his Etsy store, they’re the perfect present for the Lego-obsessed children in your life.

“Every child loves Lego. This is the opportunity to have their own head made into miniature to fit on to their favourite Lego minifigures.”

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I know what you’re thinking. Something along the lines of, “this is the most ridiculous item on Etsy I have ever seen.” Well, if it is then I would like to show you what the competition has on offer, because there are literally heaps of other ridiculously amazing items up for sale. And such is the beauty of Etsy.

Here’s what else they’ve got on offer.

1. Dog accessories

dog accessories
Image: All You Need Is Pug/Etsy

These adorable dog accessories can be bought from the store All You Need is Pug. And yes, their wares are every bit as cute as their name.

2. Glitter pills

Glitter Pills
Image: GlitterPills/Etsy

Are you ready to make the most magnificent poop of your life? Of course you are. And for that you’ll need these glitter pills.

3. Soundwave necklace

Soundwave necklaceImage: FioreJewellery/Etsy

Send these guys your favourite song or a sentimental sound file and they’ll turn the soundwave into a stylish piece of jewellery.

4. Dog birthday cakes

Dog treatsImage: TreatDreams/Etsy

Dogs like celebrating their birthdays as much as a 1-year-old baby does, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spoil them rotten, even if they don’t know what’s going on. These dog birthday cakes will be a hit at your next pooch party.

5. Foxy scarf

Fox ScarfImage: Nina Feuhrer/Etsy

It’s time to get snazzy with your scarves and that’s why these creations are a must. Not only are there fox scarves but also an adorable sloth scarf which looks like the animal has just fallen asleep around your neck.

What wonders have you found on Etsy? Let us know.

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