It’s official: Women are better drivers than men

It’s an ongoing debate between couples and around family dinner tables — are men or women the better drivers? Well, we now have an answer, courtesy of insurance experts Admiral LittleBox.

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Overall, 58 percent of women are better drivers than men. (Excuse us, while we indulge in a high-five.)

The new survey has worked out who the U.K.’s best and worst drivers are, not only based on gender but also taking into account age, region, occupation and even the colour of the car they drive, giving everyone a score out of 100.

Apparently, the best drivers in the country are middle-aged, female software engineers who live in East Anglia and drive red Hondas.

Other regions with the better drivers in the country include Leeds and Birmingham, but take care on the roads in Scotland and the West Midlands, as statistically that’s where the worst drivers live. More specifically, steer clear of Scottish males in their early 20s driving white Audis…

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One surprise is that while drivers with children in the car drive slower than drivers without junior passengers, there’s only 1 point in it.

“With our black box insurance, we have a lot of interesting data that show us driving trends throughout the U.K. While it’s fascinating to create these in-depth profiles of good and bad drivers, which we can do with great precision, there is a useful side to this,” said Lloyd Badran of Admiral. “Telematics data allows us to provide fairer prices to customers that reflect their driving ability rather than being based on the risk profiles of similar types of people. We believe safe drivers should be rewarded for their efforts.”

Do you agree that women are better drivers than men? Let us know your thoughts.

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