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6 Reasons Claire Underwood is my fashion icon

Imagine a world where all of us have the fashion sense of Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), the style icon of Netflix’s hit series House of Cards. We would know what to wear, what looks good on us and how to mix and match to achieve a polished look. What woman today doesn’t want to look as good as Claire Underwood? When we look good, we feel good. Don’t we? 

It is undeniable. Claire Underwood stands out in television. Not only is House of Cards a blockbuster hit, but Claire plays a polarizing first lady we idolize. Her character yields an incredible amount of power. She knows who she is and has a clear sense of purpose in life. Her words and actions are deliberate, well thought out and rarely random. Claire Underwood is believable.

Character aside, Claire Underwood has style power we crave and adore. Her beauty is unmistakable and she complements this with a clear sense of fashion.

1. Claire Underwood is understated

She doesn’t try hard to be noticed. Regardless of who is on the screen, our eyes immediately gravitate to Claire. We want to see her in action. Her style power draws us in. We watch how she carries herself with ease, sophistication and unwavering confidence. She walks like a trained dancer on her toes and with her chin up.

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2. Her look is effortless

Claire Underwood
Image: Melinda Sue Gordon / Knight Takes King Prod./Netflix/IMDb

Claire Underwood’s style is unpretentious. She isn’t a trend chaser, adorning the latest and greatest. Her look is achieved from a collection of timeless pieces pulled together to achieve a very classic look: a fitted skirt and silk blouse or fitted dress, high heels, handbag and that’s it. She brings balance into her hectic life by running to reduce stress. She takes time to enjoy mealtime.

3. Her hair makes a statement

Claire Underwood
Image: Patrick Harbron/Knight Takes King Productions, LLC/IMDb

Whether Claire is blonde or brunette, her short, ’60s pixie shows us why less is more. Her makeup is subtle, allowing her natural beauty to shine through.

4. She sticks to a workable color palette

Image: David Giesbrecht/Netflix/IMDb

She adorns black and white pieces that seem to fuse together. It’s bold. It’s striking. It’s Claire Underwood. From time to time, she will change things up and throw a bit of color into the mix. We are not caught off guard. We know and love her use of monochromatic color.

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5. Her clothes are fitted

Her wardrobe gently washes over her slender frame and accentuates her figure. Her pieces are structured, yet flow. She inspires us to celebrate our own style power.

6. Claire doesn’t over accessorize

Claire Underwood
Image: Netflix/IMDb

She uses accessories to bring her look together, but it is never overdone or over the top. Her black-rimmed glasses give her a schoolgirl charm we love and adore.

Claire Underwood consistently delivers and gives us what we want on the screen. Her fashion sense is unmistakable. She has style power. Let’s make no mistake: Style power isn’t just for the powerful and wealthy. All of us can have style power. In an industry that celebrates youth, Claire Underwood inspires us to be our best.

When not playing Claire Underwood, Robin Wright sizzles in life and on the red carpet. She is a style icon we know and love, which is why she rocks the house.

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