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7 Ways to get the best intuitive reading ever

Psychic readings can be super fun, surprising and affirming. At best, an intuitive reading or psychic reading can be life-changing. At worst, an intuitive or psychic reading can be scary, negative or victimizing.

Follow these tips to receive a fabulous, empowering reading:

1. Be clear about your objective

What do you want out of your session? People visit readers for a number of reasons. Nail down the reasons that you want a reading and find a perfect match for yourself.

  • Are you looking for advice, confirmation or guidance?
  • Do you want to speak to a loved one who has passed on?
  • Are you interested in the supernatural world?
  • Are you seeking entertainment for yourself, your friends or party guests?
  • Are you curious and/or fascinated with the supernatural?
  • Can you write down in one sentence what you are looking for in an intuitive/psychic reading?

2. Interview your potential reader/psychic/intuitive

Interview the reader to discover if they are the right fit. You always get more than a psychic reading; you also get that reader’s personality!

  • How they receive/gather their information ?
  • What is involved in a reading?
  • What are their ethics?

3. Determine how you feel about the future

This is a biggie — and super personal. Do you want predictive information? This is a hot topic, even in the reader community. Some readers believe action trumps destiny, while other readers believe the future is set in stone. Find a reader who shares your view on future potentials.

The power of suggestion is strong. If you believe that your destiny is fixed, you may be at risk for hearing something negative and carrying it with you. Decide if you are willing to take this risk.

4. Agree on price ahead of time

Determine the amount and method of payment in advance of the reading. If a Reader tells you that you are in any sort of emotional or physical danger but they can fix it for an additional price, walk away and don’t look back.

You’ve heard about these folks in the news. It usually goes down like this: A person walks into a fortune teller’s parlor. A reading is performed. The Reader claims to see “bad spirits,” “darkness,” “negativity,” or “sickness.” The Reader claims that for additional money and future visits, they will pray or perform spells on the client’s behalf to get rid of the bad mojo. If this occurs, leave immediately.

5. Record your session

Loads of information and sensory occurrences happen in a reading. The reader may be flipping cards (in tarot), touching your hand (in a palm reading) or throwing stones (yes, I have a psychic friend who tumbles stones for readings). It will be hard to recall all of the information that the reader provides. Ask if the reader offers recordings or if you may record your session on your cell phone.

6. Manage your expectations and take responsibility

Readers are human, just like you — no matter how intuitive and psychic they are. The important part of an intuitive/psychic reading comes down to what you do with the information after you walk out the door.

7. Perform readings for yourself

Sound crazy? It’s not. When you know yourself, you’ll know more than the best psychic could ever tell you. Grab a pack of angel/oracle/tarot cards, an astrology app or an intuition development book and start to cultivate all the wonderful inner knowledge you already possess. It’s easier than you think.

Sasha Graham read tarot professionally for over a decade in NYC and is the author of Tarot Diva, 365 Tarot Spreads and the forthcoming 365 Tarot Spells. Visit her at for tips on leading a magical life.

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