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5 Fashion tips to refresh your style all year

Christine Cameron

It’s January once again, and you might be feeling that winter wardrobe slump — but, fear not. We’ve come up with five easy ways to jump-start the new year by giving your clothing just the refresh it needs.

 1. Tailor it

Image: Christine Cameron/SheKnows

We all have those pieces that we buy with every intention of getting them tailored. Whether it’s a jacket that is just a tad too big or jeans that are 5 inches too long, taking these types of items to the tailor can make all the difference.

 2. Front tuck it

Tuck it
Image: Christine Cameron/SheKnows

Sometimes button-downs and T-shirts can be hard to style because you might think you either have to do a full tuck all the way around your waist, or just leave the top out completely. But that’s where the front tuck comes into play. It’s a total game changer and is the perfect option for defining your waist without making it the focal point.

3. Scrunch and roll it

Scrunch and roll
Image: Christine Cameron/SheKnows

Unless you’re wearing a formal blouse, I think button-down shirts look much better with the sleeves rolled up. It feels less stuffy and gives off an effortless vibe, also allowing you to break up the fabric a bit by showing some skin. It shouldn’t look too “done,” but more casual and relaxed.

4. Cuff it

Cuff it
Image: Christine Cameron/SheKnows

You can pull this trick off with either boyfriend or skinny jeans. If they are on the baggier side, a couple of loose cuff rolls will suffice. But if they are on the tighter, more structured side, simply cuff up the bottoms only about an inch or so, leaving the hem to hit right at your ankle. Whether you style this look with flats or heels, you’ll feel polished and put together.

5. Belt it

Belt it
Image: Christine Cameron/SheKnows

Sometimes an outfit just needs that extra accessory to make it look complete. I’ve found that adding a belt (or even swapping the original out for an alternative) will not only cinch your waist, but also will help elevate the item by adding another dimension to it. Case in point, I own this burgundy oversized wool vest, and although it looks fine hanging open, the minute I wrapped my favorite leather belt around my waist, it helped pull the whole outfit together, creating a chic and flattering silhouette.

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Vera Bradley and SheKnows.

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