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Meat-eaters need not apply: Job ad searches for ‘vegan’ assistant

Jobs usually require certain skills, like communication or strong leadership abilities, but most prospective employers aren’t too concerned about what your dietary preferences are.

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Which is why when job vacancies are posted, any anomalies stand out, like this job ad searching for a “bright vegan” personal assistant.

The position was posted by a man named Jonathan on job search engine Seek on Jan. 4, and reveals that the vacancy is available in the Gold Coast and offers applicants $27 an hour.

Job posting advertises for a vegan assistant
Image: Seek/Additour

The ad begins, “I’m seeking a bright vegan with at least 4 years working experience, to join our team and work 30-40hrs/week for the next 4 weeks, with the potential to work casually after that.

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“The work will be performed for Additour (, with much of the proceeds that are gained by Additour being used to create a clear and free way of life with Freewill (,” it continues.

Apart from all the usual things you would expect from the job, like office work and field work, the required skills include “experience using ms word and ms excel,” “the ability to direct and present to a crowd” and “clear communication ability using phone and email, with English being your native language.”

Why dietary preferences factor into the position we’re not quite sure, as Additour is a company that helps organise Australian study tours. Perhaps the company cafeteria only serves vegan cuisine? Or the company has strict health views?

But it does present an interesting discussion: Should your employer be able to dictate your dietary requirements? We get the saying “you are what you eat,” but should this determine your suitability for a job?

Have you ever applied for a position that specified your dietary requirements? Let us know, and share your thoughts on this ad in the comments below.

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