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7 Hottest baby room trends for 2016

Is 2016 gifting you with a new baby?

It can be difficult to decorate a whole new room, let alone a baby room — especially when you’ve never had one before. What pieces of furniture do you need? How do you stock a changing table? What are the eco-friendly options? The questions can go on… and on… and on…

One question you can cross of your list? This year’s nursery trends. We’ve searched high and low to discover some of 2016’s favorite new design ideas for the most precious room in your home.

1. Ceramics and pottery

ceramics in nursery
Image: Mini Style

Ceramics have slowly been making their mark as statement pieces in the most beautiful of rooms. Whether they are functional (a pearl-glazed pot for the corner plant) or purely aesthetic (trinket perfume bottles on the shelf), pottery will act like statement jewelry pieces — they help tie the whole room together and look gorgeous while doing so.

Pull ceramics into your nursery with lighting, planters, or use them to hold linens, store toys, liven up bookshelves or hide trash cans.

2. Textured neutrals

textured neutrals in baby room
Image: Apartment Therapy

Neutrals in baby rooms are here to stay — they’re soft, calming and clean. But, in 2016, you’ll see today’s favorite neutrals entering nurseries via texture, not just wall paint. Natural wood accents are becoming the most popular by far, but you can also incorporate textured neutrals with rugs, baskets, linens, furniture and wallpaper.

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3. Pretty pendants

baby room lighting
Image: The Animal Print Shop

Designers are leaving no stones unturned, and that means jazzing up the ceiling’s light fixture, too. Have fun with this. The pendant you choose will be a statement piece (and lighting fixtures are generally not cheap), so pick out something you love. It can be funky, structured, unexpected or just all-around pretty.

4. Pastel colors

Baby room in buff
Image: Binti Home Blog

This year, you’ll see more emphasis on pastel colors, as well as soft vintage palettes. That’s colors like dusty rose, light jade, soft pinks and golds. “The prevalence of buff. The color is a perfect nude-pink that makes everything and everyone look beautiful,” Ann Haagenson, divisional merchandise manager at Anthropologie, predicts of 2016, according to Vogue.

FYI, Pantone’s colors of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity, while Benjamin Moore is celebrating Simply White.

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5. Geometry

geometry patterns in baby room
Image: Chloé Fleury

From wall dots to patterned rugs, geometry is showing up everywhere in nurseries. These sharp and clean lines will help your baby’s room from getting too “mushy” — with the focus on pastels, neutrals and soft fabrics, your nursery can become very “cotton candy” too soon, if you will. Adding linens, wallpaper and wall art with geometric influences will keep your baby’s room looking fresh, clean and modern.

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6. Animals

Animals in nursery
Image: Wit and Delight

Gender neutral themes of last year will carry over into 2016 with an emphasis on animal decor — that’s prints, art, stencils, pillows and fabrics and rocking “horses.” You’ll see animals in every shape and size from delicate butterfly mobiles to watercolor fish to zoo animal silhouettes.

7. Forgetting the rules

Quirky nursery
Image: Lay Baby Lay

When expecting a baby, stress can pile on in many forms. So, when the details of your new baby’s room become overwhelming, take a step back and breathe. Above all, choosing the decor in your baby’s room should be fun. The best way to do this? Choose things you love. Don’t worry about the “rules.” Baby rooms are quirky and playful anyway, so the more you that you put into the design, the better it will be. And lucky for you, “forgetting the rules” is one of 2016’s best trends.

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