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Portraits of your favourite Star Wars characters with cats are out of this galaxy

There’s only one kind of pet that wouldn’t look out of place in a Star Wars movie and that’s a cat.

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Low-maintenance, adaptable and therapeutic, we can totally picture every Star Wars character with their own feline sidekick.

Like a slinky black cat appearing from behind Darth Maul to hiss at his latest adversary, or a Birman keeping Princess Leia company on Alderaan.

And to help us out, one of our favourite Instagram duos, Griz and Norm Lemay, have depicted some characters from Star Wars — old and new — in cartoon form… complete with their own pet moggies.

The Walt Disney Animation Studio artists have given us BB-8 with a whole litter of kittens:

Princess Leia with a fluffy white Persian: 

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R2D2 with a black and white ball of cuteness: 

Padmé Amidala and a regal black puss: 

And, of course, Rey and a Bengal kitten: 

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