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This mattress will end arguments about letting your pet sleep on your bed

We may love taking a snooze with our furry friends but what isn’t so enjoyable is dealing with the hair all over the duvet cover. The good news is there’s a solution for this and a pretty awesome one at that.

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Brazilian mattress company Colchão Inteligente Postural has created a bed base that has a little compartment cut out so your pet can sleep with you — without them standing on your chest or having their less-than-pleasant breath waking you up during the middle of the night.

The compartment comes complete with a padded cushion and even cute curtains and it won’t affect the aesthetics of your room either.

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We’re pretty excited about this and so are a lot of other animal lovers, as shown by the comments on Bored Panda‘s Facebook page. They include, “Knowing my dogs I’d end up sleeping in that compartment,” and “oooh i [sic] need one for my toddler and 4 cats! I’m tired of sleeping on 10 inches of mattress space!”

This is a great idea for smaller pets, as another Facebook fan shared, “I think this is a brilliant idea for the smaller pets. Knowing my 2 cats they would likely fight over who gets the den in the bed. I am a light sleeper and a constant toss and turn kind of person. Luckily only one of my cats sleeps at the bottom of the bed.”

However your big dog is definitely not going to fit down below.

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Do you think this is a great idea? Or do you love having your pet sleeping right next to you, dog hair and all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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