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14 pets that hilariously ruined your holiday

For some reason, pets seem to always have it out for the holidays. While we delight in sparkly lights, delicate ornaments and perfectly wrapped presents, all they see are things they want to destroy.

I suppose it’s not their fault — after all, these new, shiny, pretty things are occupying what was once their space. And every time they try to investigate them, they get seriously reprimanded Thus it’s not surprising that, much like the Grinch, many pets made it their mission to ruin the holidays for their owners this year.

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1. Ornament chew toy

“The cat took this off the tree. I was just watching it for him.”

2. Stocking stealer

This was the moment right before Precious removed all the stockings with care.

3. Present surprise

“Karen thinks this present is a new silk shirt… hehehehe.”

4. Perverted kitten

Yes, that’s a kitten looking up an angel’s skirt at the top of a 6-foot-6-inch tree.

5. Cat saboteur

“It might take me a few days, but I think I can eat this entire tree.”

6. Partners in crime
How many cats does it take to push over a Christmas tree? Two. The answer is two.

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7. The present eater

“I’m sorry! After I ate the duck, I just couldn’t stop!”

8. Hider
“I’ll pop out at the right moment.”

9. Murderer

“This is what happens when you wrap presents instead of take me for my walk. Innocent crocodiles impersonating Santa die.”

10. Destructor

“Yes, it was me. And you deserved it.”

11. Vengeful villain

“Good luck returning these boots to Urban Outfitters now, hooman! Hahahahaha!”

12. Hat present
“You are not going to like what I left in here for you.”

13. Hanukkah ribbon
“I have no idea where this ribbon leads to, but I fully intend to chew on it till something happens.”

14. Admission
Well, at least he owned up to his mistakes.

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