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3 Helpful tips to make your goals more achievable

Growing up, I never honestly created goals for myself. My mindset was a bit scattered, and I approached life in the moment. I allowed my imagination to run wild with no destination or perhaps a foggy understanding of purpose. Once I reached my early 20s many years ago, I realized the importance of goal setting and how it increases self-confidence.

Now, I know you’re probably wondering: How in the hell can this increase self-confidence? Plain and simple, if you set a goal and accomplish it, you will believe in yourself, which allows you to see your potential. This is something to celebrate and be proud of. Although I was a bit lazy and wasn’t quite motivated at the time to think about goals, I knew deep inside that it was something that I must start doing in order to have the future I desired so desperately.

One day, it was time to put my foot down — pen, paper and thoughts. I told myself to write down ten goals to accomplish that particular year. Some may say, “Ten? That’s a lot for one year. How about three big goals?” Well, let me tell you, being the hard-headed person that I can be sometime, I went for the ten with all my passion, hard work and drive.

Guess what? That wasn’t the best decision at all. I should’ve listen to others who shared their opinion and wisdom.

After that year passed, I realized not only did I not accomplish all ten, but I was struggling trying to make the three happen.

My first rule of thumb is creating bite-size goals. Break your goals down into monthly goals or even weekly goals. Now, don’t get me wrong, creating that list for the year or having one huge goal to complete by the end of the year is great, but you will feel like you accomplished more if you break it down for yourself.

Here are my helpful suggestions on this wonderful activity called creating goals:

  1. Sit with yourself on the things that bring light and joy to your life and continue to move in that direction.
  2. When creating your goals, chop them up into bite-size pieces to accomplish more. Not only will you feel amazing after the accomplishments, but you will be creating a road map for continued success going forward.
  3. Don’t allow anyone to get in the way of your dreams. Focus on whatever your goals are and continue to be true to your heart.

What about you? Which category do you fall under? Aiming too high and not wanting to crawl before you walk? Or not aiming at all because you are a perfectionist, and it won’t be good enough (well at least that’s what you told yourself which isn’t true of course)? You are always good enough, so let’s clear that up right now!

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