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This hot guy rescuing a fawn is giving us a hot/cute meltdown (VIDEO)

What would you rather see: a baby animal or a super hot guy rescuing a baby animal?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

The answer to that extremely obvious question is the reason why the Internet’s gone crazy for this video of a very attractive Canadian man rescuing a baby deer. But wait — he’s not just any ordinary, animal-loving hot guy. He’s also super smart.

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According to the video’s uploader, who claims to be a friend of Mr. Hotty Pants, he was originally in the area collecting data from the fracking pond when he saw the fawn. The little guy was stuck in the pond because its sides were covered with slippery tarp. And as you’ll see in the video, he’s not a very capable swimmer. Who knows if he would’ve made it out without the help of this strapping young scientist.

Can we say “awww” and “gaaaah” all at once? Well I sure can’t, but that’s what this video is making me feel inside. That poor little deer’s screams are so heartbreaking, but at the same time, you know he’s going to be okay in the strong arms of our sexy hero. Move over, Indiana Jones. I think you’ve got some competition from an equally hunky researcher.

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On a somewhat scarier note, fracking in the United States may very well be contaminating our water sources, thus seeing ponds like this is bad news for more than just this wayward deer. Let’s hope the powers that be find a way to make nearby water sources much safer — for humans and animals alike.

Until then, keep a weather eye out for any other animals that need rescuing, hot Canadian scientist man! And I’ll work on a better superhero name for you!

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Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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