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This lost cat made it home for Christmas – 7 years later

If ever there were a holiday that called for a miracle, Christmas would be it. Thankfully we got one this year in the form of a cat that finally made his way back to his loving owners after seven years apart.

Back in 2008, the Hanke family from Berlin, Germany, lost their pet cat, Miko. He specifically belonged to Elena Hanke, who was only 11-years-old at the time that her furry friend disappeared. If you ever lost a pet as a child, you know how heartbreaking it can be, and how exceptionally difficult it is to get over. Sadly, pet disappearances are happening more and more these days, because of people who take them right off of private property, and try to sell them on various online sites.

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Luckily, that does not appear to have been the fate of little Miko. While it’s still unclear exactly where he was for the past seven years, he managed to get himself pretty close to his original home and loving owners. He was discovered by locals in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood, which is only a few kilometers from Charlottenburg, the neighborhood in which the Hanke family resides. They took him to a nearby shelter, where his identifying chip denoted the Hankes as his rightful owners. They were called shortly after to come pick up their wayward friend.

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According to the Guardian, the family got the call that Miko was found on Christmas Day, which had to have been the best Christmas present Elena ever received. Soon after, she, her sister Jennifer and their father went over to the shelter to bring little Miko home. Needless to say, it was an incredibly happy and tearful reunion.

While it was noted that the cat looked “a bit too thin,” he was overall healthy, and probably more than ready to return to his life as a house cat. I’m sure now he’ll think twice about following a furtive mouse that has taken him too far from home.

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