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6 Reasons people are secretly thrilled Christmas is over

The jig is up. The latest trending Twitter hashtag, #WithChristmasOver, reveals what many of us really think about the Christmas holidays. It’s time to retire the tinsel and get back to your regular antics in the new year — whatever they may be.

1. We can stop pretending to be nice

Naughty or nice? Naughty takes the cake. You can retire that creepy Elf on a Shelf and breathe a breath of relief. Because #WithChristmasOver, it’s OK to get a little sloppy again.

2. Our families were driving us crazy

Because no, Mom, I’m not having a baby anytime soon. And I don’t care if my eggs are getting old. And yes, I am planning on eating this plate of cookies before dinner. That’s why I have them in front of me. #WithChristmasOver, we all can go back to being adults and making our own choices — whatever our interpretation of adulting may be.

3. Santa didn’t always deliver

Now that Christmas has come and gone, plenty of us are going to have to accept that we didn’t get the things we asked for. Was Ryan Gosling too much to ask for? Apparently so.

4. We were secretly annoyed by Christmas decorations

Let’s be honest — moving a giant tree from the outdoors into your home is kind of an insane thing to do and can elicit some unforeseen problems. Who knew it would become your cat’s favourite toy? Or that you’d have to double your sweeping efforts as it covered your floor in dead needles? And if you have a small apartment, you were probably ready to start charging rent to this space hoarder and its endless demands for sugar water.

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5. We don’t have an excuse to indulge anymore

Say what you will about the Christmas holidays, they are good for one thing. Breaking our resolve! How many of us have uttered the words “I’m on my holidays!” when downing that third rum and eggnog? And for most of us, the gym has become a distant memory, replaced by Netflix marathons of Christmas movies and arguments over the proper way to cook a roast. Sadly #WithChristmasOver, it may be time to get back to our boring old healthy routines.

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6. Romance is in the air

Or at least you might have some half-decent Tinder matches again. Because who had time for that stuff when they were going to midnight mass with their grandmothers or watching Turner Classic Movies late at night with their mom? But then again, plenty of our Tinder dates make watching Paul Newman with Mom seem like a way better way to spend the evening.

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