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3 Places I love to eat if you’re visiting Los Angeles

If you aspire to travel more, start by exploring your neighborhood. In Los Angeles, we can experience many parts of the world with our local choices. Lately, I have had many requests about where to dine in Los Angeles, I want to share some new favorites with you that will make you feel like you left home and might inspire you for where to travel in the future!

1. Hanjip is a Korean BBQ in Culver City

I loved the large banquet tables, the 30-day-aged tomahawk steak and meeting celebrity chef Chris Oh. I visited Seoul, South Korea when I worked for Princess Cruises and I cannot wait to go back. I love that they give you a scissors and chopsticks at dinner. When you visit Hanjip, think about which cities you want to visit on your trip to South Korea, the home of Gangnam Style!

2. Sushi Roku

It has several locations in Los Angeles. I went recently with travel writer David Lang in Santa Monica on Ocean Avenue with a view of the Pacific. We tasted a new special with bigeye tuna and the yellowtail sashimi, and I had my favorite, a bento box with teriyaki and tempura. While sushi found in America may be different than what you might have in someone’s home in Japan, you can imagine you are strolling along the lanes of Kyoto or Osaka while tempting your taste buds with Sushi Roku‘s latest creations. My personal favorite tasty delight in Japan was red bean paste in mochi which you can find in a Japanese market on Sawtelle.

3. Yalla Mediterranean is a new fast casual restaurant in Burbank

A mix of food from Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Tunisia and Egypt, the food definitely reminded me of what I ate in October in Israel. At Yalla Mediterranean you can choose between a wrap, a salad or a plate and then select a protein like falafel, chicken or salmon and add sides, toppings and spreads. The food is fresh, tasty, colorful and good for you! Yalla has made a commitment to 100 percent compostable packaging, napkins, straws, utensils and cups and uses salvaged wood decor. They want to leave “the smallest possible footprint while still delivering the tastiest, healthiest food around.”

I hope your taste buds are as tempted as your wanderlust! Please let me know your favorite restaurants that remind you of a visit to another land.

Find more of my trips and tales on my website, We Said Go Travel, or my YouTube Channel. Thanks and Happy Holidays! Lisa Niver

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