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5 Types of vacations most people end up taking

Everyone goes on different vacations during their lifetime. Most people who have the opportunity to go on vacations most years surely have done a few of these. Regardless of who you are, there are some things that all people do as a form of tradition. The following is a list of five vacations everyone will go on during their lifetime.

1. The vacation with another couple

This can either be one of the best experiences of your life — or one of the worst. If the couple you are with is fighting, it can make things very uncomfortable when traveling. The best part about traveling with another couple is you have another two people to explore the place you are visiting. If someone has been to the city you are in, then they can act kind of like a tour guide. Only going on vacations with couples you know very well is also important, as you do not want to get stuck in the middle of a fight between a couple that is volatile. A good tip is to not go on vacation with any new couples — as their first trip together may lead to fighting or even a breakup while traveling, which is something you don’t want to be involved with.

2. The vacation that is a disaster

Regardless of how well you plan a vacation, there is the possibility of it going very badly. There are couples that get into fights during a vacation, which can be a nightmare in itself. Planning for the worst and wishing for the best is something you can do if you encounter yourself on a trip that you wish you hadn’t gone on. Hopefully, the disaster vacation is close to your home, then you can just throw in the towel and go home. However, if it happens far from home on an expensive vacation, then toughing it out may be the best choice financially.

3. Theme park vacation

People tend to go on these when they are younger, and then again once they have children. The odds are, if you are an adult at a theme park, you probably have a child. With that being said, theme parks have been becoming much more adult friendly, so everyone in the family can have fun. Going to a theme park where you are interested in an attraction is a great thing to do with your child. If it is a shared interest, like the Star Wars attraction in Orlando, Florida, then you should do this as a bonding trip with your child or as an entire family.

4. All-inclusive vacation

This could be a vacation that you booked for yourself, or you could be attending a wedding held at one of these establishments. The relaxation of not having to bring money with you around the resort is quite liberating. The liberation of being in another country where you can’t use your cell phone is also great, as you are “living off of the grid” for a couple of days. Make sure to have at least one day to make an excursion to the surrounding areas, as exploring outside of the resort can be a blast. There are resorts that aren’t inclusive, but you will have to budget money for food and drinks during that time. The all-inclusive resorts take this out of the equation and leave vacation budgeting to those who have to pay for everything they eat and drink.

5. The road trip

This could be when moving to a new state, but the majority of people go on some kind of road trip in their life. Many people do these road trips when they are younger with friends, but family road trips can be just as fun. Young children might not be the best option to take on a long road trip, as a complaining child during a long car ride can test even the most patient of parents. Have fun on a road trip — this may be a trip that your family remembers for the rest of their lives. There is even a “perfect road trip” around the country, “according to scientists” that you can try.

Vacations can be a blast, but they can also be a disaster — so planning for the worst is important. Getting stuck in a foreign country is the nightmare of many people. Plan out some details, but leave the rest to chance for the best trip possible.

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