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Woman’s wedding dress is found intact after tornado swept it away

Kelly Newman figured she’d never see her wedding dress again after it — along with her home and other possessions — was taken when a tornado hit her Illinois town in April 2015.

But now she’s reunited with the dress after farmer Roger Miller found it in his field, some 30 miles away. And surprisingly, it was fine — and still on its original hanger.

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“I had over eight truckloads of debris on my 80-acre field, and when I found the dress, I thought, ‘My golly, that’s a beautiful dress!'” Miller told ABC News. “It was still on its hanger, but it was soiled quite a bit. I brought it back home and told my wife we should try to find who owns the dress.”

His wife posted about it on a Facebook group for tornado victims and wood soon got back to Newman. She claimed the dress, but Miller insisted on getting it cleaned before returning it. He took it to a local dry cleaner, but eventually had to send it to Bridal Kare in Buffalo, N.Y., a store that specializes in preserving wedding gowns, because it was so soiled.

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It now looks brand new and is even encased so the fabric won’t yellow over time.

“Mr. Miller could’ve just thrown it away, but you know, out of the kindness of his heart, he knew it belonged to someone and wanted to get it back to us, and I’m so grateful and blessed for that,” Newman told ABC.

That’s not the only belongings of Newman’s that have been located in the months since the storm. She said that she has received calls from people as far away as Wisconsin saying they have her photos.

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