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Depressing study proves that the ‘pink tax’ is a real thing

New York City Department of Consumer Affairs recently conducted a first-ever study on the gender pricing discrepancies for a variety of goods across a bunch of different industries.

The results? Women pay 7 percent more, on average, for most products. The biggest differences were in adult clothing — women pay 8 percent more — and personal care products — women pay 13 percent more.

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Examples of the “pink tax” — which is what the pricing discrepancies are called — include shampoo and conditioner ($8.38 for women; $5.68 for men), razor cartridges ($17.30 for women; $15.61 for women) and lotion ($8.26 for women; $7.43 for men). Denim jeans are another big difference, with men paying $68 for a pair for every $88 a woman pays.

Ugh. Just… ugh.

“While DCA’s study does not estimate an annual financial impact of gender pricing for goods, the findings of this study suggest women are paying thousands of dollars more over the course of their lives to purchase similar products as men,” the study authors wrote in the final report. “Though there may be ‘legitimate drivers’ behind some portion of the price discrepancies unearthed in this study, these higher prices are mostly unavoidable for women.”

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Women, in general, spend a huge part of their budgets on fashion and beauty products — much more than the average man. Pair that with the fact that women make 21 percent less than men and it creates a situation where we’re are at a huge disadvantage in life with disproportioned expectations on how we’re supposed to look and act.

The simple answer to this is to purchase the male version of products whenever possible, but that’s not the point. Our best bet is to continue making noise with studies like these on social media. Activism does work and it’s beyond time for us to make our voices heard.

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