All I want for Christmas is BB-8 — and you will too (VIDEO)

We’ve all made our lists for Santa, and while we eagerly await his arrival, we have to say, we hope BB-8 is among the gifts.

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If you thought Star Wars‘s R2-D2 was cute, then BB-8 is going to really impress you. But what is it, you ask?

Created by Sphero, it’s a little white, silver and orange Astromech Droid whose adventures have been documented with YouTube videos (it also features in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film), and include it enjoying its popcorn, fooling around on a record player and playing with a marble.

And BB-8 is the most inquisitive little fella you’ll ever meet.

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Plus it makes friends super fast!

But we aren’t the only ones who are impressed with BB-8 and its sheer cuteness — the comments on an Imgur post prove this.

ifindthismildlyamusing wrote, “Sorry R2… someone’s more adorable than you now.” cjay27 also commented on the droid’s cuteness, writing, “Bb-8 is the cutest. Something about the ball shape gave him more life.”

“Someone give BB-8’s designer a medal. Seriously impressed by the functionality & personality of it, and that’s really hard to accomplish,” CirB shared.

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Are BB-8’s adventures the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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