6 Boxing Day shopping tips to help you get the most out of the day

All the ads are out: It’s Boxing Day, even Boxing Week, and all the stores have specials posted. If you’re going to join in, you might as well make sure it’s fun and worthwhile. These tips should help you out!

1. ‘Tis no longer the season, which means supplies are on sale!

The stores are eager to clear out all their holiday stock. Take a few minutes at home to see how much wrapping paper, greeting cards, ribbons, string lights, etc., you already have. If you have too much of anything, take note not to buy more! But rather than scrambling next October to get supplies you’re going to buy anyway, stock up on Boxing Day and pack it in storage!

2. Make a list and check it twice

Have a plan before you go shopping. Is there something you needed this winter that Santa didn’t bring? Go looking for that item and see if you like the sale price. If you wander into the stores for entertainment, you’ll wander out with stuff you don’t truly want and a smokin’ credit card. Have a goal!

3. ‘For sale’ is not the same as ‘on sale’

If you don’t know the usual price for an item, don’t assume it’s a great bargain today just because the store is having a big event. Check prices quickly on your phone, or maybe wait till you’ve shopped around some more.

4. Be mindful of merchandising

The stores will do everything they can to make the new products look fresh and pretty. Lovely to look at, lousy for your wallet. Sure, that pile of Christmas ornaments looks tired, but they’ve been on the shelves since Labour Day! This is not the time to start buying barbecue tools in the freshest new colours. Stick to your plan of stocking up on the truly marked-down items.

5. Go with the flow

The new things that will be on sale are health products to support those New Year’s resolutions. If you know you’re freshening up your healthy routines, this is a great time to pick up a new jogging jacket, yoga mat or set of hand weights.

6. Play nice

If you’re shopping on your day off, remember the store employees aren’t getting to spend this day with their loved ones. Do everything you can to make Boxing Day pleasant and profitable for yourself and the salespeople. You’ll all feel better for it!

This post was written for SheKnows by Danielle Stein.


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