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Muslim family banned from traveling to Disney & other big news headlines

It’s two days before Christmas. If you’re celebrating, that means you likely woke up thinking about your to-do list. Take five minutes before you hit the ground running and wake up with these news headlines.

1. No fly, no why

Details are still limited, but according to reports, a British Muslim family headed to Disneyland has been denied entry to the United States. The Department of Homeland Security refused entry to the family of 11 on the day of their trip, some weeks after the family had filled out an online application and been granted permission. No reason was given for revoking their authorization. A Labour MP is calling for Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron to investigate why British Muslims are being barred from the U.S. with no explanation. Whatever the reason, those are nine disappointed kids. — The Guardian

2. Vet pic

For once, Prince Harry is in the news instead of his adorable niece and nephew. For his Christmas card, Harry chose a photo of himself and 95-year-old World War II vet Tom Neil. Neil is the last surviving Royal Air Force pilot from the Battle of Britain. Prince Harry chose the photo because meeting with Neil was one of his best memories from 2015. His brother and sister-in-law went with the standard cute-kid snap, natch. — Fox News

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3. Battle for Ramadi

ISIS engaged with Iraqi forces for control of Ramadi on Tuesday, battling for control of the western provincial capital. It’s estimated that 600-1,000 ISIS fighters were in Ramadi when the offensive started two weeks ago, but both Western and Iraqi officials report that several hundred have been killed since then. If Iraqi forces manage to regain control over the city, the victory would represent an important setback for ISIS. And, incidentally, probably boost morale in the U.S. — The New York Times

4. Trump still tops

A new poll released Wednesday still had Trump leading the pack of Republican candidates. A new CNN/ORC poll puts Trump at 39 percent, according to a survey of Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters. The only open question these days is who’s in second place: The poll indicated that Ted Cruz is now firmly in a (distant) second place with 18 percent — two points higher than a CNN/ORC poll from two months ago. Carson and Rubio are tied for third at 10 percent. Whoa. This is not your grandmother’s Republican party. — CNN

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5. Pink tax

If you ever suspected that your husband’s personal products cost a lot less than yours, you’re right. The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs recently released a study that catalogued the prices of 800 consumer goods, from toys to clothes to personal care items. The report, titled “From Cradle to Cane: The Cost of Being a Female Consumer” found that women pay more for products that are marketed for women. Shampoo was the worst offender at 45 percent more than products aimed at men, and the price differential starts early: a boy’s scooter went for $25 while a girl’s scooter went for $50. Over a lifetime, these pricing discrepancies add up. Ugh, that’s definitely hitting us in the pocketbook. — Slate

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6. Kim Davis, again

Kentucky marriage licenses will no longer have the county clerk’s name on them, according to a new order issued Tuesday by Governor Matt Bevin. Bevin, a Republican who was sworn in on Dec. 8, took the step to support Kim Davis, the county clerk who spent five days in jail over her religious objections to certifying same-sex marriages. Davis refused to issue licenses to same-sex couples; she also refused to allow her deputy clerks to issue them on the grounds that her name was on the license. The new order will presumably allow county clerks with religious objections to same-sex marriage to issue them with a clear conscience. Kind of an “I thee wed, anonymously.” — The Washington Post

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