Regent Street Christmas decorations are lovely, but also cause for concern

Dec 23, 2015 at 11:14 a.m. ET
Image: Chris Jones/Getty Images

You have more to be concerned about than whether you make Santa's naughty or nice list this year, because there seems to be a small chance of being hit by flying Christmas decorations while you're shopping.

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At least that's what appears to have happened in London's popular shopping location, Regent Street — one shopper claims to have been hit by a sharp metallic Christmas decoration while passing by.

Angus Dick took to Twitter on Sunday to share an image of the decoration that landed on his shoulder.


Speaking to the Standard following the incident he said, "I was just outside Hamleys yesterday lunch time when the decoration hit me. It felt like a slap on the shoulder, then I heard a rattle as it landed on the pavement next to me."

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Dick may have escaped unscathed but he warns that the outcome could have been a lot worse had the metal shard fallen directly down.

"It was definitely loosened and detached by the wind," he explained. "If it had fallen directly down, when the wind wasn't as bad, it would have done some damage, but the angle from which it hit me felt like it had travelled some distance, and it hit me on its flat side."

But is there really cause for concern?

According to The Mirror, Crown Estate, who are responsible for managing the decorations, told the publication that "a number" of the shapes came loose in the very strong wind and that several shoppers had reported falling shards over the last couple of days.

"We are aware that a number of diamond-shaped decorations have come loose during high winds," the spokeswoman said.

But the company is confident it has the situation under control as she added, "We place the highest priority on health and safety and our specialist installation team are on-site and continuing to keep the situation under review, including undertaking testing and reinforcement of the decorations."

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Do you feel the decorations pose a safety risk? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.