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MistleTube is taking over London Underground and it’s hilariously awkward

The festive season is a time of joy, generosity, love — but on public transport, not so much. London tube commuters are trying to bring some seasonal cheer to as many people as possible but the response has been mixed.

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Thanks to a group calling themselves “MistleTube,” mistletoe has been popping up on packed underground trains all over the District, Northern and Victoria lines and, while the intentions are good (and pretty funny), it doesn’t appear to be having the desired effect.

I mean how many times have you stared at the stranger only centimetres away from your face on a packed train and thought “if only I could kiss you right now!” The answer to that question is undoubtedly “never.”

But even though the mistletoe is unlikely to cause a Romeo and Juliet romantic moment it is keeping plenty of people amused — although perhaps not the commuters themselves, who are featuring on Twitter feeds looking decidedly red-faced.

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However there are also those who think this is the best idea, ever.

And it’s producing more than a few laughs.

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So what do we know about the people behind this little ploy to bring love (and awkward tube encounters) to the masses?

According to the MistleTube website the idea came about after its members grew fed up witnessing so many grouchy people on the tube.

“We wanted to bring some Christmas cheer to one of the most miserable places in the capital,” the site states. “So we put some love on the line and created #Mistletube.

“Merry Christmas, London.”

Merry Christmas, indeed. Do you think this is brilliant or the most awkward idea ever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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