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Justin Trudeau sings ‘Jingle Bells’ for charity challenge

Canadians can breathe a sigh of relief — we finally have a prime minister who won’t embarrass us on the world stage with his singing.

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Remember all the times Stephen Harper subjected Canadians, foreign dignitaries and journalists to his nasally renditions of Guns N’ Roses with his band the Van Cats? And the public backlash when he sang John Lennon’s “Imagine” and Yoko Ono made him pull it from YouTube?

Canada’s new leader may be following in his predecessor’s footsteps by sharing his singing with the world on the Internet. But I think it’s safe to say he’ll get a markedly different reaction. Because when you see Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire, bust into a bilingual version of “Jingle Bells,” you can’t help but smile. They’re loose, goofy and give a convincing display of love for each other.

What inspired Trudeau to sing?

Habs defenceman P.K. Subban recently issued the charity challenge Canada Carols to Canadians, asking them to record “Jingle Bells” to create “the world’s biggest, largest Christmas carol and cheer up sick kids across the nation.”

Subban singled out Trudeau individually, telling him that while he knew he had “great hair,” he wanted to know whether the PM had it in him to pull off “Jingle Bells”:

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Trudeau responds to the challenge in his YouTube video, “Hey P.K., we heard your challenge, and absolutely, we’re up to the challenge, so happy to respond,” before he and Grégoire begin singing.

Subban took to Twitter to express his thanks: 

Other Canadians have jumped on the #CanadaCarols bandwagon as well, putting their singing to a good cause. Take a look!

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