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5 Ways to create a better you in 2016

Laura Bruce

I remember when Prince was singing about us “partying like it’s 1999.” Now, here we are, about a month away from knocking on the door of 2016! Maybe you set some 2015 goals that haven’t been met or maybe you just need a whole new slate. There’s no time like the present to welcome 2016 with your new mojo.

What is “mojo”? Mojo is your own unique magic that you and only you possess. It’s that personal something — sumptin’ that either some of us already use or that something some of us are still toying around with and not quite ready to share. We all have something special that is meant to be. No time like the present to let it be for 2016!

1. Walk the walk

Walking is an excellent way to start physically taking the motion of moving forward. Leave the crowded streets alone for this walk and check out a park you might have driven past or a quiet neighborhood. Get out of the car and get to walking at least three times a week and for about 30 minutes each time. No iPod is needed. Listen to the music around you: You may hear children playing, birds singing or your thoughts talking to you. The walking forward motion and your thoughts will start to line up.

2. Picture that

Get your hands on some old magazines and start putting together the look of your mojo for 2016. With a piece of canvas or cardboard and some glue, you can start collaging what you see yourself doing. Literally tear out the images that speak to you (You can cut the pictures out with scissors, but I love the raw, organic tears that ripping a picture out shows.) and glue it on the canvas or cardboard surface. It’s your mojo, so it only has to make sense to you!

3. Don’t fake it, bake it

Tap into your inner Ace of Cakes and get to baking! Maybe you’ve tasted a store-bought treat that could’ve used a little extra vanilla or a dash of honey. Take a Saturday, stroll to your favorite bookstore and gather up a few of the latest cookbooks. I personally love Peanut Butter Comfort by Averie Sunshine. Throw on a sexy apron and get to tweaking baked classics. There’s more to chocolate chip than meets the eye!

4. Add checks to that bucket list

It’s never too late to start adding more checks to that bucket list! Take that trip to Fiji. Teach that Zumba class. Learn that new language. Purchase a journal and designate it as your bucket list keeper. Write a few things down that you always wanted to do and start doing them.

5. Giving back

I truly believe that to move forward sometimes we have to go back. Why not go back and give back? Giving back to others adds to your life and to your mojo. Take time out to assist the elderly at a home or reach out to a friend who you haven’t touched base with in years. In giving back, you begin to unleash more about yourself.

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