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Marc Jacobs foundation photo brings attention to huge problem with our makeup

The quest to find the perfect shade of foundation is a huge task for many women.

That task is even more challenging for women of color, as the diverse undertones and skin shades aren’t always represented in many popular makeup brands.

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Case in point: When YouTube makeup vlogger Manny Gutierrez posted a photo of the Marc Jacobs Beauty foundation line Re(marc)able, many commenters noticed the lack of shades for darker skin.

“HUGE thank you to @themarcjacobs@marcbeauty for the amazing package! I literally use this foundation at every event/ meet n greet and I love it (great for oily skin and those who want full coverage) and now I’m about to mix some colors for my perfect shade,” he captioned on the photo.

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Of the 22 shades, only three are made specifically for darker skin tones — an amount that is sadly overshadowed by the 19 other shades of color for white skin.

“It’s ridiculously appalling that you can find any shade of ‘white’ but yet three seemingly out of place colors for those who actually have pigmentation in their skin. Congrats on your paleness…,” one Instagram commenter wrote.

Gutierrez later said that the hues look whiter than they should because of the frosted glass on the bottle, but that doesn’t explain much.

“The bottles are frosty, yes, but it’s very, very clear that there are only 3-4 shades for POC if I’m being generous,” another wrote. “Finding foundation as a black woman (or man) is incredibly difficult because of companies like this. Our skin has many different undertones and throwing 3 generic shades of brown out there and hoping for the best is unacceptable. Clearly Marc Jacobs understands undertones; he has 90 different shades of white there, but he couldn’t be bothered to make more than 3 for his black clientele?”

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And while yes, brands like Make Up For Ever, MAC and IMAN Cosmetics make hues for people of color, it’s still a challenge to find an accurate match.

“I completely understand everyone’s point but not only black people go through this… I’m brown, Indian from the Caribbean and I’ve never gotten a perfect foundation match besides Lancôme. I tried Chanel, Dior, Tarte, you name it and nothing matched me so go figure,” another commenter posted.

Can it really be that difficult to be inclusive of all skin colors? The technology is definitely there.

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