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A total stranger gives one little girl a very unexpected Christmas gift

A generous stranger has made a little girl’s Christmas extra special — and renewed our faith in human nature.

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Last weekend in Belfast City Centre, after overhearing a conversation between 2-year-old Alexis Corry and her mum Roisin, a gentleman handed the toddler £100, reported Belfast Live.

Roisin said the family, including dad Andrew and 4-month-old Joel, were outside a jewellers on Lombard Street. “Alexis was walking down and she’s just a typical wee girl: She saw something interesting and it caught her attention,” she said. “She saw that a lady was putting a tray into the window — and it was just about at her eye level. Alexis went over to the window and she was waving at the lady saying, ‘Hiya’ — she was just fascinated looking at it. I just laughed and said to her: ‘One day you’ll cost someone a lot of money!'”

What happened next took the family by surprise.

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A well-dressed man wearing glasses and appearing to be in his late 40s approached the family and said, “Alexis, you put out your hand.”

“He took her hand, opened it and said: ‘There’s some money, that’s a start for you,'” said Roisin. “We said ‘Thank you so much’ — and he said: ‘You have a lovely Christmas Alexis.'”

Roisin explained that it wasn’t until the man walked away that she realised just how much money he had given her young daughter. “I’m just so humbled that anybody would do that. I think it’s just incredible,” she said. “I work in retail and I can see sometimes how grumpy people can be around Christmas time and to do something like that for a 2-year-old, I think it just totally overwhelmed us.”

She’s keen to find out who the man is so that she can thank him personally. “It just makes you believe that there are good people out there,” she said. “It is just incredible — and we’re now able to get her a wee bike.”

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