Pet-themed Monopoly should be on every animal lover’s Christmas list

Even the most classic of board games can benefit from a little makeover now and then. When it comes to Monopoly, we’ve had the Game of Thrones edition, the Star Wars edition, The Walking Dead edition and the Christmas edition — to name but a few.

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But now we have the best Monopoly-inspired board game ever — Cat-Opoly.

It’s not an official Monopoly release, but it follows the same principle. Except instead of investing in property, players buy cat breeds that get more pricey as you move around the board. So the Ocicat is the Cat-Opoly alternative to Old Kent Road, and the Persian is the feline equivalent of Mayfair.

Instead of buying houses, players purchase litter boxes, and can trade them in for fish bones. The kitty theme continues with cat-related items, from sardines to yarn. And rather than being sent to jail, you get chucked in the water.


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For all you dog lovers out there, the makers of Cat-Opoly have created a version of Monopoly for you too. Pug-Opoly is an entire board game about pugs.


Cat-Opoly (£26.95) and Pug-Opoly (£26.25) are both available from We’ll be buying both, of course.

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