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Woman makes a plush uterus for friend who had a hysterectomy (PHOTO)

What is a true friend if not someone to create a goggle-eyed uterus for you when you have a hysterectomy?

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“My friend had a hysterectomy so I made her a new uterus, complete with one last period,” Redditor Lolareola posted this week. According to the post, the stuffed organ was made without the ovaries attached because the ovaries were left intact during the surgery.

It’s certainly different from the usual bunch of flowers/bag of grapes offering most people receive post-op.

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The cuddly recreation of Lolareola’s friend’s uterus has sparked debate on Reddit, partly because it was posted on the r/wtf thread.

“Closer to /r/cringe,” posted user Alarid. “Hey friend, now you have something to remind you how you can’t have kids everyday!”

“I think the folks over at /r/childfree might find this humorous,” suggested user mrshour.

However the reaction from some people suggests it is definitely in the right place and Lolareola summed it up herself: “A stuffed uterus with period seemed wtf to me more than any other sub I’m aware of.”

Reactions to the post included “bold gift,” “hysterical” and “you’re an awesome friend.” We’re guessing that Lolareola knows her friend well enough to know that she’ll receive the gift in the spirit in which it was given.

What do you think of this unusual gift? Is it insensitive or a gesture of true friendship? Let us know your thoughts.

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