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Illustrator creates gorgeous 2016 calendar to promote healthy body image

Body positivity means celebrating the human form in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the bodies we tend to see plastered across the pages of calendars are all cut from the same cloth. So we’re pretty excited to have seen the 2016 calendar from Californian illustrator Jen Oaks.

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Oaks has taken inspiration from the beautifully curvy women of Playboy magazines from the ’70s to create her MINX! calendar, featuring what she so perfectly describes as “ample babes and curvy vixens for your full-figured delight.”

Such as badass Miss July.

“My inspiration came from a fixation with 70s Playboy, Russ Meyer films, and the urge to illustrate some vintage clothing to make pinup characters sort of from the era,” said Oaks. “I also worked in a wicker headboard, a Herman Miller chair, a 1972 Malibu, and some macrame, because nostalgia.”

Cue Miss September, working that Herman Miller chair.

Every month features an awesome lady with a knockout fuller figure.

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Amazing artwork. Stunning depictions of the female form. Plenty of ’70s nostalgia. And not a thigh gap in sight. Who wouldn’t want this on their wall in 2016?

Now for the tricky question: who’s your favourite?

Oaks’ MINX! 2016 calendar (£17.26) is available to buy from Etsy.

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