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Why we should stop acting our age

Amy Morales

When is the last time something left you in awe? Not much does these days, right? Nothing is impressive and you’ve seen it all. The sun rises and sets, and you know it because the alarm rings, every morning. It rains and you get wet — what a pain in the ass that is. When you bought those balloons for the birthday party the other day, one popped and the kids shrieked and then laughed while you cursed under your breath with a frown.

When did life become so dull and lackluster? This is where the voice-over says, “Joy has left the building,” as you scrape the poop off your shoe and break the fourth wall.

The secret to smiling more is to stop acting your age.

No, I’m not saying shirk responsibility; it’s about finding the happy medium between doing and being. When you tell that inner curmudgeon that’s experienced everything and finds nothing impressive to step off, you make room for your inner child — you make room for joyful moments big and small.

“How?” you ask. Remember, it’s the happy medium between doing and being.

For example, folding laundry — the never-ending story right? There can be surprise and delight in feeling the warmth of fresh laundry right out of the dryer or the smell of sunshine left in clothing right off the line. Instead of just “buying groceries,” shop like you have a cooking show and take the time to savor all the colors, textures and abundance. When the alarm goes off in the morning simply take a minute to breathe deeply and experience the beginning of your day.

Ready for more joy? Do something as simple as look up at the sky and just be present within our big blue ball — enjoying 10 seconds of wonder.

When you stop acting your age by enjoying moments with awe rather than powering through them, they can become less mundane and more meaningful. While you may not be able to control all the doing, you do have control over the being.

So go ahead; stop acting your age, rake the leaves like a boss and, right when you’re ready to bag them up, toss the rake aside and jump in to that big pile of happy. When you’re lying there in revelry, don’t forget to break the fourth wall and smile.

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