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#DearDaddy is the most powerful YouTube video we’ve seen all year (WATCH)

A powerful new video from Norwegian advocacy organisation CARE could possibly be the most compelling five-minute clip you’ve watched for a long time.

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The #DearDaddy video, part of a campaign to raise awareness of women’s rights, was posted earlier this month and has already been viewed over 4 million times.

It begins with the sweet voice of an unborn baby girl telling her father that she wants to ask him a favour.

“Warning: It’s about boys,” she says, going on to explain that by the time she turns 14 she’ll already be familiar with the cruel, sexist vocabulary that those boys inherited from their fathers — “bitch, whore, c**t” — the words some girls hear growing up “just for fun of course.”

She adds that it’s pretty likely her father also acted in a similar way, resorting to seemingly harmless sexist remarks, without realising the serious knock-on effect those words can have. It’s “no wonder,” she says, that she’ll come across boys who internalise those jokes and that she’ll experience sexual assault(s) before she reaches her 21st birthday.

“And, although I say ‘no,’ they just laugh,” she says. “It’s funny, right?”

The story progresses and we see the daughter meeting and falling in love with “Mr Perfect” — except he isn’t. The girl tells her father that the son of a man who told sexist jokes became her rapist and that her fiancé ended up with his hands around her throat.

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“Dear Daddy, this is the favour I want to ask: One thing always leads to another so please stop it before it gets the chance to begin,” the chilling video concludes. “Don’t let my brothers call girls whores because they’re not. And one day some little boy might think it is true. Don’t accept insulting jokes from weird guys by the pool or even friends because behind every joke there is always some truth. Dear Daddy, I know you will protect me from lions, tigers, guns, cars and even sushi without even thinking about the danger to your own life. But Dear Daddy, I will be born a girl. Please do everything you can so that won’t stay the greatest danger of all.”

Watch the video in full below: 

According to WHO 1 in 3 women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime — usually from a male partner.

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