Create gorgeous curls with bubble wrap… yes, really

If you’re like me, you have a house full of bubble wrap, courtesy of all the online holiday shopping.

I’ve been saving it for some stress relief, but a Brazilian blogger has another idea.

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Vlogger Paula Stephânia used the plastic wrap to create soft, gorgeous curls perfect for date night or drinks with the girls. The tutorial is all in Portuguese, but it seems pretty simple to just follow visually if you don’t speak the language.

First, she cuts several long strips of the plastic wrap and rolls them up. It’s your choice how big to make the plastic “curlers” — thinner strips will seemingly create tighter curls, while thicker ones will create looser waves. Then, she preps her hair with leave-in conditioner and pomade before sectioning out her strands. From there, she wraps up sections and secures with an elastic.

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Then comes the fun part: sleep. Paula caught her zzzs with the plastic wrap in her hair. In the morning, just carefully unravel, comb through and set with your hairspray of choice. It might not be the most glamourous way to do your hair, but it’s certainly one way to make use of all that packaging retailers add to shipping boxes. Plus, bonus: You can pop the bubble wrap when you’re done!

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