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Tiger Island’s twin cubs make their public debut (PHOTO)

The only thing cuter than twin baby pandas are twin tiger cubs, and our entire week has been made after laying eyes on these cuties.

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Dreamworld welcomed the new arrivals on Nov. 29, and the adorable additions are making a big splash with their first public debut on Wednesday. Born to 9-year-old mum Nika and 11-year-old Raja, the twin female cubs live at Dreamworld’s Tiger Island and are fast becoming the park’s star attractions.

The cubs have yet to be named, but according to Dreamworld, both the cubs and their mother are doing well, and each cub has grown almost 1 kilogram since birth, when they weighed just 1.28 kilograms and 1.12 kilograms.

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“We’re doing daily health and weight checks on the cubs. They’re drinking 350 millilitres of milk and putting on almost 100 grams a day, which is a great sign,” Tiger Island manager Patrick Martin-Vegue said in a press release.

From Wednesday, Dreamworld guests will be able to see the cubs and their older brother, Kai (who was born in the park just five months earlier), at Tiger Island, although the newborns will not join the other tigers until mid-January.

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Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson spoke with great excitement about the cubs on the company’s website. He said, “Kai was the only cub in his litter so it’s great for him to have some playmates. I’m sure it will be like Tiger Island ‘kindergarten’ around here for a while.”

The birth of the cubs is very special for the park, whose interactive tiger program Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation reportedly contributes more than any other zoological contributor to tiger conservation. Sadly there are just 3,000 tigers left in the wild, but hopefully Dreamworld and other organizations like them can help to raise awareness and funds to protect the now critically endangered big cats.

Are you as taken by these twin tiger cubs as we are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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