How being a tour guide changed my life this year

In a few days, this year will be filed in our memories. This year, 2015, was really exciting for me — travels have had a leading role in all 12 months of the year. Alone, with family and in pairs, each adventure gave me emotions and enriched my personal cultural development.

I traveled for work, accompanying many tourists around Italy. From north to south, we visited the most famous cities, but also explored villages that sometimes aren’t a part of normal tours. The contact with the people gave me an infinite number of points of view just like many questions that for some may have been obvious, but to others were only a starting point for new insights.

Being a tour leader teaches me daily to listen, to meditate and to never stop learning. Museums and cities, although visited many times during this year, were able to show different shades and stories every time when I was regarded with curious eyes and a hunger for knowledge.

This year, for the first time since my daughter was born, my husband and I were able to carve out a space completely for us, which ended up being a romantic evening for two, just a couple hours away from home a real weekend dedicated to us. We chose a farmhouse in the countryside because it was a way to regain our balance away from the sounds and noise of the city.

During those days spent in Tuscany, nature provided us with the relaxation we had forgotten during our daily lives. We met so many people who were proud of their origins, but able to open themselves to the world through the knowledge of new places.

Places can give you what you need. The beauty of travel is to learn from the places you have visited this is the most precious gift that the world can give you. You just have to know how to listen and sometimes interpret. And so it has been my 2015.


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