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12 Gorgeous guest rooms we’d have a hard time leaving

Admit it — it’s a little awkward to stay in a guest room sometimes, right?

You feel like you’re intruding on someone’s space, and you probably don’t have everything you need, but there’s no way you want to ask. Plus, as much as you gripe about it, no bed really feels quite as comfortable as your own.

Too bad all guest rooms aren’t like these. Not only would we be happy to stay, but we’d never want to leave. Keep these ideas in mind when you’re freshening up your guest rooms for friends and family.

1. Room for everyone

No more feeling cramped and crowded. This large guest room has room for your whole crew, but still makes everyone feel like they have their own space.

2. Lots of light

Big windows and light colors make this room bright and cheery, with touches of extra color to show the homeowner’s style. A cabinet displays an ample linen selection, with plenty of extra space for storage.

3. Small made cozy

This tiny space feels cozy, not cramped. And two beds means there are no awkward situations when roommates don’t want to share a bed.

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4. Traditional farmhouse

There’s nothing old or rickety about this farmhouse guest room. Instead, it’s quaint, cheery and instantly makes you feel at home.

5. Secret hideaway

You’ll feel like you’re sneaking away to your own secret hideaway every time you slip behind this bookcase door.

6. Showcase guest room

You’ll feel like you’re in a swanky hotel instead of someone’s guest room. Let’s hope room service is included.

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7. Bright colors

The bright colors in this room let you know you’re in for a fun stay.

8. Hawaiian cottage

No matter where this room actually is, you’ll feel like you’re on a beautiful island somewhere. The shades lend plenty of privacy when it’s needed.

9. Romantic room

Vintage touches and soft colors give this room a really romantic feel.

10. Plenty of storage

There’s no need to live out of your suitcases with tons of built-in storage like you’ll find in this room.

11. Room with a view

The room alone would make this trip worth it, even if the room wasn’t absolutely fabulous (which it is).

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12. Quirky twists

We’re not sure if these swing-style beds would be comforting or nausea-inducing, but we’d love to give them a try.

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