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11 Simple touches to make your guest room feel like a holiday haven

Everything should be special about this time of year, so don’t put your overnight holiday guests in a room that’s not decked out for the season.

Use these tips to make sure your guests are nestled in a room that inspires visions of sugarplums and lets them wake to holiday cheer.

1. Change the sheets

Image: Orvis

Keep the chill off your guests during cold winter nights by switching out the regular sheets for flannel ones. Just for fun, choose a set with some holiday flare. Add some holiday-themed pillows for extra cheer. (Orvis, starting at $89)

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2. Have a great bed

Those comfy sheets won’t do any good unless they’re tucked into a bed that’s comfortable and looks great in your room. Your guest will likely be ready for a good snooze after their travels, so it’s importantto make sure they have a cozy place to rest their heads.

3. Offer holiday treats

Image: Eric/Flickr

Guests are always hungry after a long trip. Satisfy their hunger pangs and make midnight snacking easy by providing a holiday tin or basket filled with homemade seasonal treats. We recommend these peppermint bark brownies — no one can resist chocolate, right?

4. Set out flowers

Image: Laura Taylor/Flickr

No guest room is complete without flowers. During the holiday season, skip the daisies and roses and go with a gorgeous pot of poinsettias instead. As a bonus, your guests can take them home after their stay.

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5. Lay out a soft rug

No one wants to wake up in the morning and put their feet down on a cold floor. If your guest room isn’t carpeted, make sure to have a soft rug beside the bed to greet their toes first thing ever morning.

6. Provide entertainment

Image: Stephen Nakatani/Flickr

Make sure your guests don’t get bored during downtime by leaving a stack of holiday-themed books and movies in their room. Throw in some microwave popcorn and hot chocolate mix for an added touch.

7. Provide wrapping supplies

Image: Gill Poole/Flickr

Your guests may have saved some last-minute shopping for after their arrival. Set out some extra wrapping supplies — because it would be really awkward for them to have to ask for paper to wrap your gift.

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8. Provide extra lighting

Give your guests the option of staying up past everyone else’s bedtime without lighting up the whole house. Add a soft lamp to the bedside table, so they can stay up wrapping presents or just reading before they nod off.

9. Have fun with the extras

Image: Brooke Payne/Flickr

You have to set out extra towels for your guests anyway; might as well do it with some holiday flare!

10. Light it up

Image: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

It’s not the holidays without a little twinkle. String some lights around the room to keep your guests feeling festive.

11. Add festive scents

Image: Irish Typepad/Flickr

We all know certain scents can bring back memories and change your mood. Fill the room with the scents of the holiday season using candles, wax warmers or plug-in wall fixtures.

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