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11 Things the Internet loved way too much this year

Things spread like wildfire thanks to social media. As it goes, shortly after we see something in our feed — be it a hashtag or a saying — we see it again. And again. And #Again. It goes viral, so to speak.

As with every year, 2015 had its fair share of things the Internet loved so hard. These expressions, lifestyles and hashtags may not have all been started this year, but this is the year they definitely “had a moment,” as they used to say in 2014.

Here, 11 things the Internet fell crazy in love with this year.

1. #Goals
The Internet was very ambitious this year, what with setting lots of #goals for itself. #RelationshipGoals, #LifeGoals, #FitnessGoals — nobody on social media seemed to shy away from expressing their aspirations in various facets of their lives. But sadly, most people’s #BestieGoals with Beyoncé likely won’t be met.

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2. Curating

Image: Tumblr

Life online this year was very curated. In fact, it was sometimes even referred to as The Curated Life. According to Instagram, people’s homes are now curated, not decorated. And people with no definable jobs are often referred to as curators.

3. #Basic

The term — and hashtag — “basic” certainly has been around before this year (just ask Lauren Conrad), but 2015 was the year the Internet sank its virtual teeth into it and used it ad nauseam. Like pumpkin spice lattes? You’re basic. Wear Uggs? You’re basic. Live in a house and eat food? Basic, basic, basic.

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4. #Squad

Image: Tumblr

Again, not new to 2015, but man, did the Internet love this hashtag this year. Your family isn’t your family; it’s your squad. Your group of friends isn’t your group of friends; it’s your squad. Oh, and don’t forget — your #Squad needs to have #SquadGoals. If not, you may as well not even consider yourself a squad. Which is so #Basic of you.

5. Slow living

britney spears
Image: Giphy

The term “slow living” seemed to pop up quite a bit on the Internet this year. Mainly on social media, where people extolled the virtues and benefits of living slowly, which in theory is a nice concept (less is more; choose things that are meaningful), but something about taking time to document one’s every slow move online seems counterintuitive.

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6. Netflix and chill

While its evolution seems perfectly organic — people have been boning on couches with random movies on in the background since the beginning of time — enough already, no? Also, the saying has ruined it for people who actually want to watch Netflix and chill after a long day.

7. The struggle is real

Not new to 2015, but can 2015 be the last year we hear “the struggle is real”? This saying doesn’t even really make sense! Aren’t all struggles real? Sorry, Mindy!

8. Tho

This weather tho. That a** tho. This cake tho. Spelling mistake and grammatical awkwardness aside, “tho” was kind of like this year’s “omg.” Except it kinda makes “omg” sound like something Queen Elizabeth would say. Have I used it? Of course tho.

9. Bae
People loved the term “bae” hard in 2015. They also loved memes that started with “When bae…”

10. All the…

You know you’ve seen these sayings constantly this year: all the feels, all the coffee, etc. It officially had all the moments.

11. Game strong

In all honesty, “game strong” seems to be dwindling, but it was, well, strong for a minute there. Anyone who lay by the pool this year posted a photo with a caption in the vein of “pool game strong.” Anyone pleased with their brows had an “eyebrow game strong.” It was funny. But then, like many Internet-y things, it got kinda old.

Here’s looking forward to what 2016 will bring!

What were your favorite/least favorite hashtags and Internet sayings from this year?

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