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7 Strategies to keep dust under control in your house

We all know dust is made up of tiny particles in the air, such as dead skin, fabric fibers and other little things we simply do not enjoy thinking about. However, finding ways to keep your home a dust-free zone may seem like an endless battle that will only result in chasing the dust bunnies around your home with a vacuum cleaner to no avail.

What if we told you that there are seven really simple things you can do that will help keep the levels of dust in your home far lower than they currently are? While this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean your home on a routine basis, it does mean that you won’t need three boxes of dusting pads to get through your home and eliminate all the excess dust.

1. Keep closets organized

Let’s be honest — closets are the Holy Grail for dust as they are always full of fabric fibers from clothing, towels and other things that you have stored away in your closet. Just think, each time you open that messy and cluttered closet, you are sending all this dust that has built up back into the rest of your house. The remedy for this is incredibly simple. Box up anything that is on the shelves in your closets and ensure that they are labeled with their contents, either on the side of the box or on an index card taped to the box. Also, putting your clothing that you are not wearing this season into clear garment bags will also help to cut down on dust without obstructing your sight of what is in the bag.

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2. Wash your bedding once a week

Dust bunnies multiply like crazy when you don’t keep your bedding clean. By washing your bedding every week, you will be able to decrease the amount of fabric fibers and dead skin within your sheets, which decreases the amount of dust in your home overall. You should also beat some of the dust from your pillows and vacuum off your mattress to get even more dust out of your bed.

3. Proper cleaning supplies

When you clean, it is important to ensure that you are using the best supplies for the job. This means avoiding anything that will kick more dust into the air and allow it to settle elsewhere in the home. Some supplies you should avoid include dry rags, feather dusters and brooms. The best supplies to use include oil and wax sprays on dry rags or simply dampening the rag with a little water, depending on the surface. Invest in a new vacuum that will properly trap dust as you clean and cleaning products that will trap dust through static electricity.

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4. Ways to clean the air

One of the easiest ways to clean the air while you clean the rest of your home is to turn your thermostat to “fan on,” which will help to prevent dust from flying around while you sweep and vacuum. This setting isn’t meant for long term use and will need to be turned back to your usual settings to avoid damaging your heating and cooling system. Leave the blower going for up to 15 minutes after you are finished cleaning, before changing it back to its normal settings.

5. Rugs and cushions

Things such as rugs, cushions and even throw blankets collect lots of dust every day. This is even more so when they are not in constant use. So it is important to take anything soft and squishy outside and beat it with a bat or broom to properly remove as much dust as possible. Not only will this ensure that you are getting dust out of your home, but will also help to prevent more dust from flying into the air.

6. Filtration systems

There are many things people don’t think about when they clean the house for the week, and the filtration system for your heating and cooling is the No. 1 thing overlooked. Filters should be replaced once a month — however, you should also try to clean out the vents once a week as well. It can also help to upgrade your filters to allow them to be cleaned by hand. Rather than replacing them, you can simply wash them.

7. Vacuuming

Some people know they should probably replace their vacuum cleaner about every five to 10 years depending on the amount of use it gets. Investing in a new vacuum can also help you lower the amount of dust in your home, as there are many that offer air filtration, which will pull dust from the air as you clean. These vacuums are generally a little on the pricier side, but will offer much more efficiency than the cheaper varieties that are out there.

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