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Finally, a strapless bra that won’t fall down

As a well-endowed girl, I’ve always steered clear of strapless dresses.

The reason? I knew I’d never keep “the girls” in place, no matter how much fashion tape I used.

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But I may be able to rethink my formal wardrobe, thanks to Kellie K Apparel. The company is gearing up to release its own line of strapless bras made with material that clings to the skin without digging or slipping, even when the dreaded boob sweat happens (and it always happens).

Kelly K Apparel Strapless Bra
Image: Kelly K Apparel

The bra’s “GeckTeck” material is designed to keep everything securely in place without using extra adhesives. It’s residue-free, meaning it can be worn thousands of times. The special fabric is “a biocompatible, silicone-based material that achieves superior frictional adhesion using the same physical properties geckos use to cling to almost any surface,” the company writes on its website.” The material is designed so that it makes intimate contact with even the most sensitive skin without irritation.”

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The $85 bras comes in two different styles: one with an underwire and one without. Sizes range from 30–40 for the band with cup sizes B–F. You can only pre-order now, but the company expects to start shipping in April, just in time for the 2016 wedding season.

Guess I need to start shopping for new dresses since I’m already invited to approximately 9,000 weddings next year. And you’ll know that the bra works if you see my bare shoulders come spring!

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