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15 Free downloadable gifts you’ll love if you’ve blown your budget

December is expensive. There are holiday parties to attend — some that require you to purchase tickets or ones where you have to buy a gift for the host. There are cards, stamps, stocking stuffers, money to give, gift cards, decorations and the list keeps going. Even if you are a do-it-yourselfer, there is still the expense of buying baking ingredients or supplies for whatever you choose to make. By January, my budget is shot for at least two to three months. It takes me well into the New Year to make up for all the holiday cheer.

I am no scrooge, but I wish that at least some of the money I spend each year could be used on something I want. So, here is a list of free things that you can give yourself this holiday. Some of them are stress reducers — OK, so it isn’t a day at the spa, but it can help. Some of them are meant to organize you. Some are for your entertainment and others are to further your education — there is nothing like an investment in yourself. You can even make some of them part of your New Year’s resolutions.

Hopefully, you can take advantage of more than one of these offers, and then, come January, the sting of an empty pocketbook won’t hurt so much. (And if you get free products that you can’t use from No. 13, you can give them to a homeless shelter and keep the giving going all year!) 

1. Free blog planner

Blog Planner
Image: A Virtuous Woman
(A Virtuous Woman, $0)  

2. Free 2016 calendar

2016 Printable Calendar
Image: Calendarpedia

(Calendarpedia, $0) 

3. Free blogging printables

Blogging printables
Image: Court in Session

(Cort in Session, $0) 

4. Free adult coloring pages

Coloring pages
Image: Easy Peasy and Fun

(Easy Peasy and Fun, $0) 

5. Free Zen and anti-stress coloring pages

Coloring pages for adults
Image: Coloring Pages for Adults

(Coloring Pages for Adults, $0) 

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