Why aren’t you watching this interactive live puppy stream yet? (VIDEO)

Holiday season is always filled with a lot of stress and anxiety. Whether it’s money or family related, you’re probably not in the best frame of mind at the moment.

However, I’ve got the perfect way to perk you right back up — a healthy dose of puppies! BuzzFeed realized puppies were the ultimate antidote to all the holiday crazy, political frustrations and weird weather patterns, so they set up a playroom for five of them and hooked up a camera.

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But it’s not just any camera. This particular camera gives you, the viewer, the ability to rotate around the room 360 degrees anytime you want. So for example, if two puppies start doing something ridiculously cute right in the corner of the screen, instead of having to imagine what’s going on, you can follow them and find out! Pretty neat, huh?

And it gets even cooler than that! If you watch the video on your phone, the camera will move with you as you spin around the room. So at times it might actually feel like the puppies are all around you and you’re recording them. You know what? I’m just going to stop typing and let you play with it. Here you go. Have a ball.

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What day is it? I just passed out from overwhelming cuteness. Not sure what you saw, because the video changes, but I saw two puppies fighting under a chair and someone in a helmut holding up one shar-pei-looking puppy Lion King-style while the others watched. I would also like to take this opportunity to ask BuzzFeed where I can get that giant inflatable pizza for my cats, because it is truly awesome.

Hopefully this adorable video brightened your day somewhat, if only for a few precious minutes. Just remember, if things start looking bleak again for whatever reason, these puppies are here for you, in all their fluffy, clumsy, adorable splendor. The only way the experience could be any better is if you could reach in and pet the little guys. Ah well, maybe someday. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch the video a couple hundred more times.

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