WestJet captures the spirit of the holidays with heartwarming new campaign

WestJet has proven multiple times that it is an amazing company — they’ve been rated as Canada’s most attractive employer for three years in a row, and their employees go above and beyond for customers (once they even bought a wedding dress for a distressed bride) — but its latest campaign is pretty remarkable.

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The airline designated Dec. 9 as its day of “mini miracles” and went about performing 12,000 (the number of its employees) acts of kindness and generosity both in Canada and internationally — all within 24 hours.

Blue Santa and employees dressed in blue Santa hats will be spreading the Christmas cheer with acts both big and small, some of which can be found on the company’s blog.

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According to CTV News Calgary, WestJet’s Robert Palmer said, “In Truro, Nova Scotia, at 5 o’clock this morning, we went and presented a family who has gone through a very difficult year with the loss of a number of family members, just tragic, and could not bring themselves to spend Christmas at home this year, so they are going to be spending it at Walt Disney World.”

Other generous acts include surprising Sunridge Mall shoppers with free gift cards.

Paying for a woman’s Tim Hortons breakfast.

And handing out mini bouquets of white flowers along with a little inspirational note.

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The idea is beautiful and will hopefully encourage people across the globe to show someone a random act of kindness on more than just one day of the year.

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