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Sending a cat an Advent calendar in the mail might not be a great idea

Who says you can’t send a cat an Advent calendar? Well… Royal Mail, for one.

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One pampered puss was in danger of not getting his Advent treat this year.

Brittany Maher-Kirk’s cat, Ted, wasn’t able to answer the door to the postman and suffered the consequences, as Maher-Kirk revealed in her Facebook post:

“So my mum posted the cat an advent calendar. Unfortunately, we missed the delivery and the post office won’t give it me as the cat does not have ID. I’ve got to ring up the Post Office Head Office and explain that my mother has sent the cat an advent calendar, addressed to the cat, and he can’t pop in to pick it up himself or lend me his ID to do it for him…”

We all know how annoying it is to arrive home to one of these cards, right? Typically it lands on the doormat five minutes after you’ve left the house or five minutes before you get back home.

Cat advent calendar
Image: Brittany Maher-Kirk/Facebook

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So imagine how irritating it is for a cat, who can’t read the card let alone make his way to the local post office to exchange it for the parcel. Just look at this face…

Cat advent calendar

Image: Brittany Maher-Kirk/Facebook

But this Christmas tale ends well.

After the story made the news, the post office have confirmed to that it is willing to release Ted’s Advent calendar to his owner — just this once.

Although, it suggests that pets expecting important post should ask their owners to use their name, just in case.

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