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How to fake thick eyebrows when yours are wispy

Gone are the days of wispy brows. This season, bigger and bolder are simply better.

This is great news for those of us whose brows merge seamlessly from hairline to eyelashes, but some women simply have wispy and thin brows. I caught up with three makeup artists to hear their top tips for both faking and making the eyebrows we all want.

Creating thicker eyebrows
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

Perfect your shape

New York aesthetician and makeup artist Patty Bell says, “Nothing ages a woman faster than thin, over-plucked eyebrows.” With the help of some makeup and shaping, however, she says that all women can get youthful and perky eyebrows.

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First, she recommends that you use a pencil to line just underneath the existing brow and just above the brow. You should create a natural looking arch directly above the iris, and follow the brow line to the end of the brow. Fill in the brow shape with feather-like pencil strokes to mimic natural hair. Finally, brush the color upward to soften the hard line and blend it with the existing brow hairs, before setting the shape with a brow gel or powder for a long-lasting hold.

Eyebrow shaping
Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

Try Eyebrow stylus pencil and gel (Nudestix, $24), Duo-shade brow powder (Brett Freedman, $18).

Know the right tools

According to makeup artist and brow specialist David Nicholas, traditional tools of the trade may not give you the brow aesthetic you long for. “Brow makeup has involved mainly powder, which can look two-dimensional, and is not the best option for natural-looking full and thick brows,” he says. When filling in brows, he suggests you use a brow definer pen in dual shades to draw in single hairs with definition. He also suggests brow balm instead of powder in order to moisturize while preventing flaking.

If you’re dealing with unruly wisps of brow, Nicholas says you should check out brow gels to hold everything in place. Finally, for complete novices, he says you can nail the bold shape of your brow by using a stencil to fill them in.

Check out a variety of gels and pencils to find the right one for you. Just don’t forget one main ingredient: brushes. “Brushes play a big part in grooming and defining brows, and in removing excess brow cosmetics if you’ve gotten heavy-handed,” he says.

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Long-term solutions

Like other makeup artists, Brianna Solberg utilizes plenty of tools and tricks to mimic full brows for her clients. That said, she also suggests that women with thin brows look into longer-term fixes than makeup alone can provide. “There are several products that help improve over-tweezed eyebrows, or thinning due to age or medication side effects,” she says. Cutting-edge serums can help you regrow your brows in places where you were heavy-handed with a tweezer, or where your brows are just naturally wispy. They can even prevent future eyebrow hair loss.

Try Brow enhancing serum (Sephora, $38), Eyebrow enhancer (Sephora, $88).

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