Losing my dog taught me to be thankful for my sensitive spirit

I am often told that I am a sensitive soul. In my younger days, I took much offense to this. I did not want to be “sensitive.” I did not want to be perceived as weak. I did not want to break down easily. I wanted to be strong and made of steel.

I quickly found out that being sensitive is not a sign of weakness. My biggest sensitive moment actually started at the very end of 2014 with the passing of my first adult pet. She was the dog I got as a young adult. I was in college and lived on my own. She was my choice. I paid for her food and vet bills. She was my companion. We spent life together, all 12 years of hers.

Then, 2015 rolled in with the passing of one of my longest companions — a harsh blow to my reality. The pain was unbearable. I felt lonely, and my world did not make sense without her. How could it? I barely remembered life without her. Shortly after my furry beast passed away, we rescued another furry friend — not as a replacement, because there never will be. Our house was just meant to always have the love of many animals. Even though my sensitive and broken heart hurt, this bubbly and full-of-life puppy was exactly what it needed.

Her boundless energy made tough days easier. She is excellent at snuggling. She is always happy. She is sweet and excitable, and her joy is infectious. It has taken the better part of 2015 for my heart to not hurt. I thank our sweet pup for that.

So many moments cause my emotions to rage, to crumble and to burst with jubilance. I have always worn my heart on my sleeve. After spending the year grieving and rehabilitating my heart, I know — even more than ever — that it is only human to be full of emotion. Your emotions should be invested in your life.

I learned that my life is full of emotion and love. I would not want it any other way.

Because to live cast as a stone… well, how much living does a stone do?


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