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I lived by my New Year’s resolutions for a year and it changed my life

Kathryn Lang

The New Year called out to me, and I met it with gusto. I crafted an elaborate plan and graphed it out on a large white board, which I dubbed my “White Board of World Domination” without hesitation. I placed my big goal at the top, and a focus word on the bottom anchored my dreams.

I put energy into the endeavor with intensity and consistency — for a few days in a row. Something happened, someone happened or I became tired and let it slip for the next few days.

My White Board of World Domination — and the shrinking checkbook balance — would catch my attention, and I would dive back into the endeavor with intensity and consistency — for a few days.

I let more of my choices and actions be directed by procrastination and worry than were led by my goals and dreams. My mediocre efforts produced mediocre results, and mediocre was not where I wanted to be in my journey.

“The place you are at right at this moment is the place you choose to be.”

I had heard these words at a conference in the spring, but I did not want to accept them. There had to be another reason I was not reaching my goals. Other people were getting better breaks. Other people had better situations to enhance their efforts. Other people were intent on sabotaging my efforts.

It was when I started reviewing my year and began planning for the New Year once again that I accepted the words and my responsibility in my journey.

How I made the change

  1. “The person in my way is me, and the way I am going to move forward is to get out of my way.” Once I accepted my responsibility and admitted my role in the problem, I made room for the focus to move forward.
  2. “I will get to a new place if I choose to take new actions.” The actions — or inactions — I am taking and have been taking are what brought me here. I have to do new and different actions and activities to get me to that next level or next place.
  3. “The person with my answer is the one looking at me from the mirror.” I can look to others to fix it. I can look to others to make the difference. But I am the one holding the power for my journey.
  4. “I can, if I will.” It can happen if I make the necessary investments. I have to take the actions. I have to make the choices. I have to have the will to get me to my desired destination.

It is not comfortable admitting my part in not reaching my dreams; but in admitting my part, I make the path possible for my dreams to become my reality.

How will you create the change in your New Year?

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