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What it’s really like to be an empath

Most people understand the concept of empathy, even if they have difficulty expressing any. For an empath, however, it’s something else entirely. It’s not only a heightened sense of empathy we feel, but that we feel everything.

Empaths fall along an awareness continuum. Some have psychic ability — others, a strong sense of knowing. We may feel another’s physical pain or illness, and we know when someone is lying. Crowded areas are overwhelming and chaotic. We don’t always know where our own energy begins and another’s ends. Complete strangers spontaneously tell us their entire life story. We have a habit of telling the truth, which others find terribly annoying.

An endless list of traits does not, however, explain how we can successfully navigate our lives. Empaths spend their lives looking for answers. Support wanes as friends and family grow weary of riding our emotional roller coaster, never realizing that some of the emotions we feel belong to them.

The multidimensional self

Empaths are aware of their multidimensional nature. We know we don’t begin in physical form. We may not always have the words to articulate that awareness, but we know it all the same. For whatever reason, we keep our non-physical awareness alive in our physical presence. There’s a feeling of otherness about us, as if we’re always on the outside looking in. In a sense, we are.

As extensions of Source Energy, we’re a vibrant and creative force, eager to experience life in all its aspects. It’s only in the drama of physical form where things seem to devolve. Empaths are attracted to drama like a moth to a flame. Without controlling that attraction, many of us succumb emotionally. An empath feels in to another’s emotional energy to connect and become informed. So, is it any wonder that we’re awash in emotion?

Staying aligned

Living a peaceful life requires staying in our own emotional resonance — in our own lane, if you will. The Abraham collective, channeled by Esther Hicks, explains how to do this better than anyone else with its explanation of the Law of Attraction. Awareness for me happens in an expansive way, all at once. Thinking overcomplicates the situation because so many probabilities exist. Feeling someone’s resonance gives me a truer picture.

Empaths are encouraged to shield from invasive energy to stay centered. Visualizing a white light around us, or a tunnel through a large crowd of people can help. Sometimes, we have no choice but to leave a situation if we can’t stay in control. Chaotic energy can be that overwhelming. I’ve discovered shielding becomes less necessary when I stay in my own resonance or alignment.

We believe we’re here to deal with each other, as if life is a competition somehow. The Law of Attraction suggests the more we deal with one another, the more we bring unwanted experiences our way. This becomes especially important when energy becomes vampiric, which is extremely uncomfortable to experience. Empaths visualize all sorts of energy shields to protect themselves from vampiric energy. But how much of that focus actually brings those experiences to us? If I remain aligned in my own resonance, I notice the energy, but I don’t feel in. If I don’t feel in, I’m better at staying in control.

Create your own experience

Although the world around us appears integrative, it really isn’t. It’s our individual focus of the world that we see and experience. Let our interactions with others be what they are, without feeling in or judging the situation in any way. As empaths, we’ll still feel our way through life, for that’s our nature, but our focus needs to change to one of nonresistance. We’re not here to fix anything or judge anyone. We’re here to create and be happy.

So let go. Relax into being and feel your way. A beautiful life awaits.

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